Saturday, November 24, 2012

Supporting Cast

Got a couple more models finished for the growing Khador horde.

Silas (I refuse to use y as a vowel, damn Welsh elves) is a very handy guy on the tabletop but he fits into my Khador force more than Cygnar, so I went with a scheme which fits in with their colours, and based him accordingly.

I'm not very happy with how he turned out so maybe I'll come back to him eventually and see if I can come up with something better.

Bad Santa ended up a lot more like what I had initially envisioned.  I'm pretty happy with how he looks on the tabletop and how he fits in with the rest of the force.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mongo Likes Candy

No no, don't shoot him.  You'll just make him mad.

The Sentry is still my favourite titan, on the aesthetics, but this model is really great.  Brutal, stylish, and fun to paint.  He's got a very different mixture of armour and bare flesh as compared to the Sentry, but the scheme I have going worked well on him.  Very pleased with it.

Monday, November 5, 2012

In Between

This is one of those blog posts that doesn't have pictures of models. 

There's a lot of stuff on the workbench, all Khador and a bit of Skorne while I give my Cygnar scheme some more thought. 

On the workbench are a set of three metal Demolition Corps.  I actually have a grand total of eight of these guys, thanks to the vagaries of packaging.  I got the three metal ones ages ago, before I properly started playing Warmachine; I don't recall now but I might have had the idea of using them in some other game or a homebrew.  Since I started playing I've fallen in love with the lumpy, bulky, way too slow Man o War units, and went looking for an extra two guys to fill the unit out.  Since they have been released in plastic it's almost as cheap to get a full unit of 5 as it is to get two more individual guys in metal.

I'm painting the metal unit of 3 for now.  The full box of 5 more in plastic are in a holding pattern until I decide whether I really want a full additional unit or whether I should just use 2 of them to fill out the metal unit and then use the rest for conversion fodder.  I figure I can make a Man o War Kovnik, a Mechanik UA, and a really interesting objective marker. 

My Koldun Lord is creeping towards completion and I have added Sylys to the in progress pile.  Sylys in particular I'm trying to paint in a way which doesn't really match the rest of the Khador force but does fit in.  I'm basing and painting him to match with my Khador even though I can use him with my Cygnar. 

The other beast on my table is a Bronzeback Titan.  This fellow is one of the ones that's half resin-plastic, and thank the lord for that; I can't imagine how monstrously hefty they must have been when they were all metal.  Yikes.  He'll be fun to paint though.

No games in the past little while, due to the havoc imposed on everyone's schedules by work and the rearing of offspring.  Hopefully I can get a game in this week.  In the meanwhile, making good progress with the painting, which is a pleasant change ...