Thursday, May 21, 2009


I have a game scheduled for tomorrow against Dougly's perfidous Lizardmen. The brave sons of the Empire will rally to the cause, gird their loins, and collect the makings of some very fine boots and purses. Hopefully.

Of course, with such a collision imminent, I've been painting. Lots.

The hardware. I have a great cannon, a Helblaster, and a mortar that I kitbashed together from leftover Cannon bits and parts of an old Battle Masters cannon. All of them are painted, but this is the first piece to have a painted crew to go with it.

Command for my block of 20 spearmen -- musician, champion, and the battle priest hero. The priest is one of the first models I got for this force and has been painted for a while. The other two are more recent.

Bannerman and some of the poor sods who are doubtless going to catch obsidian blades in their tender bits come tomorrow. Details on the bannerman and his buddy (their bases are connected to keep the banner from tipping over) were hard to do, next time around I'm going to paint them and then add the square mile of canvas they're hauling around.

Side view. I went for the simple option for their banners, being at my heart not particularly interested in intricately detailed iconography on my flags.

Amethyst battle wizard. This is a Reaper fig; Empire armies can field 8 different types of wizards and I'm eventually planning on having Reaper minis for each of them at my disposal for this force. I was really pleased with how she turned out. I fear my painting skills have far outstripped my meager photography skills, as I'm not really capturing it well here.

Full details concerning the looming battle to come. Stout hearts and iron bowels, and all that.

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