Friday, October 19, 2012


The second army I'm putting together is Cygnar.  I settled on them due to a more extensive list of criteria; I wanted a faction that I'd find interesting to play, that was different than Khador, and that would be a good force to lend people while I teach them to play.  Cygnar is a great teaching force, with lots of ranged options that lets a new player have some elbow room while they figure things out, and one which isn't particularly convoluted to learn.

So far I only have one finished figure for this force, pStryker from the battle box.

This guy was a learning process in a couple of ways.  I'm gradually converting from Delta Ceramcoat craft paints to Vallejo game paints, due to the former's abrupt unavailability at Michael's in Canada (bastards).  My Cygnar force uses a lot of Vallejo paints and I'm experimenting with their washes as well.

I wanted something with a bit of blue (it is Cygnar, after all) but not the typical scheme, and something which looks very distinct from my Khador army.  I think this is about what I was looking for.

I call this force Vitamin B Complex.  If you've had to take any, you'll get it.

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