Saturday, October 6, 2012


Big Love.

I originally started this blog to host pictures and discussions of the tabletop gaming I was doing, at least in part to keep me motivated to paint up some of the vast hordes of miniatures I had in an unfinished state (which was, to be honest, most of them).  In that, it failed miserably, but there's good reason for that.

At the time I was mostly playing Warhammer.  There are a few downsides there.  For one thing, Warhammer is a pretty awful rule system, and every time I played it, that awfulness grated at me.  For another, you have to paint a completely ridiculous number of models to have an army completed, and you're painting the same model over and over and over again, as a typical unit will have 15-20 completely gratuitous wound counters worth of guys.  Both of these things worked as a powerful incentive to do something else.

Eventually I more or less shelved Warhammer and got into Dystopian Wars.  I've made good progress on my three fleets, painting up a ton of models, but I didn't have a compelling reason to put any of that on this blog.  Instead, I posted it all to the Spartan forums.  Taking pictures of my finished ships and posting them to the forum became the final step in my painting workflow.

But now I have a fresh reason to pull this blog from the abyss, knock the dust off it, and see if the engine will turn over.  I've gotten into Warmachine.

DW is a fun game but it doesn't entirely scratch my tabletop gaming itch.  For one thing, I got started in 28mm and that's where my interest keeps returning.  For another, DW, for all of its virtues, is not a very deep game.  It's fun, but it's shallow, and there's only so much variety to be had out of one fleet.

Warmachine, on the other hand, is a massively deep game.  With 11 factions (or more, depending on how you count it), and multiple casters per faction, the amount of diversity and variety available is huge.  Moreover, it has the benefit of a very polished and slick ruleset which gives you extremely fun, challenging, and involving gameplay.

As such, I've been painting up models, demoing the game to friends, and having a ton of fun with it.  But I don't really want to post pictures of my models or discuss my games on the Privateer forums, and I feel like there's an important step lacking in my miniature painting workflow.

Hence this blog.

Over the next while I'll be posting pictures of the armies I have on the go.  First up will be Khador, my first army and really the one which feels most comfortable for me.  It's also the one which has seen the most progress in my painting.  For now, here's an early shot of one of my magnetized Khador heavies, taken before I settled on a basing scheme.  Better and more shots to come.

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